Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What payment options do we offer?

A) The payment options we offer are Paypal, included Credit or Debit Card through Paypal secure payment gateway. We also accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Bancontact and iDEAL payments, through myPOS Checkout ***. This option is available for orders less than 1500 or equivalent. For the orders more than 1500€ (or equivalent), could consider paying pay with a Direct Bank Transfer or Paypal. For payments in different currency than EUR, USD and GBP the only available option is Paypal (and Credit or Debit Card through Paypal secure payment gateway.)

*** Temporarily Unavailable

FAQ, Fashion Brands Outlet

FAQ, Fashion Brands Outlet

Q) How can I recover my password?

A) Just click on LOST PASSWORD: After inserting your Username or email, you will receive an email which will send you directly to your profile where you will be able to change your password.

Q) How do we deliver?

A) All of our international shipments are delivered by FedEx Express, DHL or UPS from our warehouses located at USA, Germany, Sweden and Italy.
Once your payment has been confirmed, we usually manage to ship out your order within 1-2 business days. Depending on your purchase amount, it could take a few days longer.
Before shipping out any goods we always perform quality control in each item, so as to reassure that all of the original tags and additional accessories are included and that the products have NO defects.

Q) How do we deal with customs (Outside of EU)?

A) Since each country has different custom regulations, we can provide documentation upon request. Although customers outside the EU are responsible for taxes and duties, import duty or tax costs will be unvoiced to you directly from Fedex or an import broker appointed by you. We recommend you to contact your local customs authority in order to determine a landed cost price prior to purchase completion. Should you have any further questions on how your shipment can be solved, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone call.

Q) Is the VAT included in the price?

A) No. The pricing mentioned in our website is exclusive of VAT. Customers outside the EU are responsible for taxes and duties, import duty or any tax costs, at their local customs authorities.

Q) Are your products authentic?

A) Since we personally deal directly with each brand clothing we can guarantee that all of our stocks are undoubtedly authentic. Therefore, detailed invoice confirming exactly what you have purchased, is included in every order. We never deal with outside dealers and agents.

Q) How often does your stock/website get updated?

A) Our stock is updated on a weekly basis, so keep an eye on our website, since fashion pieces constantly pop up. You could see the latest stock available in every category, simply by choosing: sort by latest. Or, you could simply sign up for our newsletter by filling in your name and email address. Apart from getting 5% on your first purchase, you are entitled to receive a couple of emails per month informing you about new stock coming, or containing interesting articles serving as a source of inspiration to make the most out of your purchases.

Q) Do you offer any discounts?

A) Even though we offer the most competitive prices (comparing to eBay), we do offer a 5% discount coupon “BRANDS5” on first purchase.

Q) What are your Terms & Conditions and your Privacy Policy?

A) In order to complete your order, it is mandatory to accept the Terms & Conditions. Please find out more about our Privacy Policy here.

If we missed any questions please email us give us a call +306 939 85 3198 or reach us through our social networks here.

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