Military Aeronautics

Drawing inspiration from the Italian Air Force and with exclusive rights to use its symbols, Aeronautica Militare offers a complete collection of military equipment and accessories.

Smart casual T-shirts and polo shirts, bermudas, swimsuits and men’s jackets make up a full men’s collection with intense colours and dynamic character.

Aeronautica Militare, inspired by the tradition of the Italian Air Force, offers unique militar-style pieces. Leather jackets, sportswear, polo shirts, knitwear, cardigans etc with the authentic emblem of the Italian Air Force.

Aeronautica Militare offers unique style, excellent material and seam quality, delivering messages of peace and humanity through the emblems of the Air Force.

All the signs and emblems that characterize the Aeronautica Militare collection are completely authentic and are what the Italian Air Force pilots even wear today.

Choose from 17 Men Aeronautica Militare Blouses the product that suits you best. Models 2019.

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Military Aeronautica-Collezione Privata, guarantee of exclusivity, high quality and authenticity.