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Intellectually refined. Irreverent yet disciplined. Designers Koon Lim and Catrine Thé, born and raised in Singapore and Indonesia, respectively, have been cultivating these principles since they met in 2003 while studying at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Over the years, the two worked closely to develop their sleek and androgynous aesthetic, establishing KOONHOR to share their ideas and instincts on a grander scale.

A love of travel, as well as a passion for “making clothes”, has propelled them all over the globe. KOONHOR is comprised of official headquarters in Singapore, with a press office in New York and a showroom in Paris. Furthermore, a deep appreciation in Italian craftsmanship led the two early to Milan, a second home of sorts for both, where the brand performs all their sourcing and production. This dedication paid off in 2012 when KOONHOR was recognized for their Made In Italy creations as a handpicked finalist for Who Is On Next?, an annual event for up-and-coming designers, and hosted by Altaroma and Vogue Italia.

Since its beginnings, KOONHOR has been making strides with its intelligent juxtapositions of feminine and masculine elements. Today, the brand continues to grow internationally as press attention and distribution expands. KOONHOR ready-to-wear and accessories are stocked in exclusive boutiques and department stores in USA, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

While craftsmanship and sophistication form the underlying DNA of KOONHOR, the duo behind the label strive to manifest themes ranging from the grandiose to the unassuming, and each collection provides yet another convoluted layer to the whole.