Licia Florio

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Licia Florio is a brand curator: the line is an active lifestyle world
where products are selected and created to inspire people.

Licia’s signature energy and optimism define the brand.
Simplicity, fun and spirit of motivation: a daily uniform for women that smile.

Every month Licia Florio drops new products, created by us or in collaboration with brands and artists.
The brand is created by Licia Florio and Francio Ferrari.

All women have inner confidence, we believe that a smile can bring out this confidence in a woman.

When a woman’s confidence shines, she is powerful, and this beautiful and natural power can change the world.

Our mission is to provide clothing that complement this natural feminine power.

We were inspired to create this line because we too are women with a positive vibe, women with passions and with smiles.

We make choices and we stand up for injustices, we speak and we march for a better world.

We love each other and we are the women that created the Licia Florio brand.