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London based designer Martina Spetlova studied chemistry
before she graduated from MA Fashion at Central Saint Martins
and her background in the sciences still informs her designs
through her experimentation with shapes, textures and colours
to create a unique style. Working with a variety of materials
to create innovative combinations of textures and colours,
leather has allowed her the most experimentation.
Since collaborating with leather tanneries directly, Martina
is able to manipulate the true coloured calf leather hides to
invent new and exciting colourful and textural combinations
that are presented in collections.
Martina always maintains an ethical stance in her work
and the materials she sources are always of the highest quality.
Martina is working towards zero waste in her production,
precision cutting the leather by CNC machines and reusing any excess.
Her textiles are handcrafted by highly skilled woman artisans
who are part of refugee charity project in Netherlands
where the profit goes back into the community.