Our choice of clothing can tell a lot about who we are.  And while it is true that style lies in the details, in order for the details to thrive, they need to be part of a good basis. Therefore, clothing is the starting point in order to build our fashion identity. Accessories are only our ally in completing and highlighting an already good look.

Finding your individual style might sound difficult, but if you follow some simple tips and choose your clothing store you could find yourself one step closer to your dreamy personal image.

Styling tips

The number one rule in building a unique style is to find what looks good on you taking into account your body shape. Not all clothes look good an all body shapes. For example, if you want to make your silhouette look thinner and taller, you could try to dress in one color. If you feel that you need to highlight your waist, you could try a dress that shows your curves. If you are not so confident with your arms, you should avoid wearing sleeveless clothes. A short sleeve choice will immediately create a totally different image and will flatter your arms. The point is to show off the parts of your body you love the most.

Fashion trends come next. No matter how hot a trend is, do not try to adopt it, if it does not fit your personal taste or if you feel it does not look good on your body. Knowing what clothes suit you, will help you then detect the trends that can make you look up to date as fashion is concerned.

Go for some basic looks. You should always have in your wardrobe items that are considered basic ones. Styling demands effort and it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that some days you just need to put something on and go. Having some key pieces, will make your life a lot easier, especially when you don’t feel like experimenting with your styling. Plus, key pieces, such as the little black dress, can match perfectly with the new statement pieces you want to buy so as to be in fashion.

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