His full name is Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano-Guillén. Galliano is a British fashion designer born in Gibraltar who was the head designer of some French fashion companies like Givenchy, Christian Dior, and his own label John Galliano.

No one has hit the highs and lows of fashion like he has! Although Galliano was a beloved fashion designer to most fashion companies, especially in France, his Anti-semitic outbursts against a group of Italian women, had a really bad effect in his work.

For a couple of years Paris was a bit numb, and there was an attempt to justify his unacceptable attitude as a result of being drunk. But, he will always be remembered as the designer whose drunken, hateful tirade led to the fastest falls from grace on record.

At present, Galliano is the creative director of Paris-based fashion house Maison Margiela.

Why choose Galliano

Galliano clothing comes in feminine, alluring silhouettes. His clothes depict a dramatic retro with opulent decoration thus making them more attractive.

He is a modern master of couture, capable of digging up a stimulating collection out of the dusty pages of history. As contradictory as it might sound, his love of the past is what stimulates his belief in constantly pushing fashion forward.

In his last collection Dresses from La Maison, Galliano is between British irreverence and Parisian elegance, the treasures of a dual heritage. However, Galliano commented about his relatively new position, that he feels happier and healthier than ever and that he is not in his full stride yet, in Maison Margiela. Time will tell!

It is a matter of style

Galliano’s return woke the fashion world up!

Fashion is described as the most democratic conversation in which everyone can have a voice. Galliano’s clothing style is a way of saying complicated things that represent cultural shifts.

Galliano’s Best 5 Quotes

Style is wearing an evening dress to McDonald’s, wearing heels to play football. It is personality, confidence and seduction.” source: British Vogue.

“Women are women, and celebrate for that.”

“You shouldn’t ask why do you wear a hat? What you really should be asking is why are you not? How can a look be complete without a hat?”

“Fashion is above all an art of change.”

“Everything looks better in the morning.”