There are many types of men’s shoes, and getting the perfect look starts from the feet up. Feeling comfortable; physically and mentally in a pair of fresh shoes can completely update your style, and it’s important that you have the best quality shoes to suit your budget. It’s easy to find the best dress shoes for suits, but it’s harder to find ones that go with both casual and formal wear, without loosing their unique look.


Most of your formal shoes will be in leather, and luckily there are hundreds of products out there to help you keep them clean and shined, and in a luxurious finish. A basic way to clean your leather shoes is;

  1. Remove your laces so you avoid getting any polish on them.
  2. Brush off any dirt on the shoes with a soft brush or cloth.
  3. Use a leather cleaner, or saddle soap and a little water, and rub your shoes in circular motions with a cloth in order to get rid of any scuffs.
  4. Polish your shoes with a cream polish, then buff off in circular motions with a separate clean cloth.


Although there’s no set rule on how to tie your oxford shoes, bar lacing is usually the neatest and most common way of finishing off your look. You can either have the end of your laces tied in a bow and displayed at the top of your shoes, or tied underneath the flap of your shoes and tucked away to give a clean look.

They are made and selected from the finest fabrics and skins that give a unique style and air. Even though fashion continues to change Dolce & Gabbana shoes, they have a unique contemporary style and look. Unique designs and unique pieces are perfectly suited for every man.

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