The History of Gloves

Italian fashion empire Dolce & Gabbana was founded in Legnano by eponymous designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Seen as the most influential and powerful names in the industry.

Today, men probably have no more than one or two pairs of gloves, which they bring out when it gets chilly. However, in the days of old, gentlemen would wear gloves for almost every occasion, such as riding or walking in public, or going to the theater or church.

Dress gloves work well with a business suit (or something, even more, formal) and a long overcoat. Functional gloves are great for their designed purposes, but not really style items. For everything in between, you’ll want a casual pair.


Men’s Dress Gloves

Your basic dress glove is plain black leather, tight on the fingers and straight-sided.


Band of material below the wrist, often lined with a separate material from the rest of the glove. In dress gloves, cuffs should be limited to dark fur, not contrasting sharply with the color of the leather.


Sensible way to add insulation, and common in most gloves. Dress gloves are kept as thin as possible through the use of lightweight, compactable liners like cashmere and rabbit fur. Lightweight synthetics are also used these days but should be entirely interior and hidden from view to keep from “cheapening” the look.

Men Casual Gloves

This is a neglected category. Most guys own one functional pair of gloves but adding a second pair of allows for some interchangeability.

The idea of the casual glove is to have something that isn’t black. Brown is always the best alternative since it matches the most common casual shoes.

Selecting men’s gloves Dolce & Gabbana will create a unique style and look that will be just a handy but attractive all over others. Unique pieces and designs are selectively chosen and just made for unique performances and unique men’s styles.

With a wide range of cozy shearling, luxurious leather and wool styles, the collection of men’s Dolce & Gabbana gloves has something for everyone.

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