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Have you ever invested in a bespoke suit? If not, you should finally have an outfit tailored to your specific needs. Every man is supposed to have at least one customized suit to wear on formal occasions.

Such a decision involves plenty of choices in terms of style, color, and fabric. Professional advice is essential for getting the outfit you always dreamed of. There is a variety of tailoring companies, such as Senator Bespoke: best custom suit in Vancouver, providing customers with exclusive tailor-made products.

The practical tips you’ll find below will help you choose the best custom suit.

Choose the right style

The primary step towards getting a bespoke suit made is selecting the right style. The occasion you need this outfit for is crucial in making the right choice of style. For instance, you’d need a semi-formal suit for business meetings, whereas formal attire for a wedding. There’s no reason for concern if you have no clue about styles, as the job of employees in such stores is to help you make the best fashion decision.

Moreover, custom suit stores in Vancouver provide customers with an opportunity to choose between a single-breasted and a double-breasted style. The former has one button column and looks rather conservative. Nevertheless, it can be worn both at work and at social events.

In contrast, the latter has two instead of one row of buttons. Men wearing double-breasted outfits look classy and formal. Single-breasted models have a maximum of three buttons, while double-breasted models have four, six, or eight buttons.

Be detailed in the choice of fabric and color

In order for your bespoke suit to meet your expectations, the choice of fabric is a vital decision. The fabric is of incredible importance for the outfit’s performance when exposed to different weather conditions, as well as the comfort of wearers. When looking at materials, you’ll be presented with two types of fabrics, outer and inner.

Furthermore, the outer fabric, which is crucial for the look of the suit, is generally made from cotton, wool, microfiber, or linen. Read more about the characteristics, processing, fineness, and uses of wool. Conversely, the most common choices of inner fabric is silk and cupro. Professional advice is highly recommended when selecting a material. Each material comes with different properties, such as longevity, durability, and susceptibility to wrinkling.

Wearing a suit in hot weather can be an exhausting experience unless the fabric is specially designed to keep you cool on scorching days. For instance, wool is boasted to provide free airflow and impede sweat from trapping, which makes it an excellent fabric choice. Woolen models offer remarkable breathability, a classy look, and exceptional quality.

Additionally, cotton is another suitable material for hot weather. Nevertheless, cotton suits aren’t the best option for formal events due to their casual look. Another fabric that makes these outfits look casual is linen. Men looking for an informal suit for the summer period won’t make a mistake by choosing linen. It’s not only breathable but incredibly light as well. On the negative side, linen is largely prone to wrinkling.

Microfiber, on the other hand, isn’t an appropriate choice for hot weather. It provides no breathability, making men feel even hotter than usual when wearing an outfit made from this fabric. There are multiple microfiber blends, mostly containing wool, which enhance breathability.

Although the inner lining isn’t visible, it largely affects your comfort. Silk is the most popular material used as an inner lining, known for its cooling capacity. However, the high price of silk increases the overall cost of bespoke suits. In contrast, cupro provides the same benefits as silk at more affordable prices, which is why many custom stores offer it as an option to customers. The following link,, explains the history of silk.

As far as color is concerned, black is the most universal choice, appropriate for men having a single suit. Nevertheless, men wearing such outfits on a daily basis are advised to choose other classic colors such as navy blue and gray.

Pay close attention to the trousers

Although trousers aren’t as noticeable as jackets, it doesn’t mean you should pay no attention to their style when having a bespoke suit made. The employees in tailoring shops in Vancouver explain the differences between the three trouser styles to customers. You should decide between a flat or pleat style of trousers. The former is suitable for taller men, while the latter is convenient for males with smaller build.

Another thing to have in mind is the waistband. The largest part of trousers come with a waistband in order for them to stay put. However, in case you aren’t fond of the look of waistbands, make sure you mention this fact to the tailor while discussing the features.

Apart from the waistband, hem and cuffs are also worth paying attention to. These refer to the way in which the bottom of the trousers is folded. Hem means the fabric is folded on the inside, providing a more casual look. A cuff, on the other hand, means the material is folded on the outside, contributing to a classier look.

The trouser break is another crucial factor tailors pay attention to. It refers to the point where the bottom of the dress trousers comes in contact with the shoe. The trouser break has a major influence on the trousers’ length, which in turn affects the look of the entire outfit.

Consider your budget

Your budget shouldn’t be disregarded when having a bespoke suit made. Custom-made models are infamous for being pricey, as these are fitted to one’s personal requirements. The overall cost of such tailored outfits depends on the composition, style, fabric, and number of customizations. The more specific your requirements are, the more expensive the suit.

Final word

Investing in a custom-made fashion piece is never a bad decision.

Every man deserves to have such an outfit in his wardrobe!

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