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5 Must Have Pullovers

Sweater Pullover Dresses

It’s no secret that keeping up with all the latest fashion trends and statements can be a challenging task. The trends are changing just as fast as the seasons are and staying up to date can seem like it’s burning a hole in your wallet or that your closet is constantly filling up with all of last season’s pieces. The secret is to keep the basics and don’t be afraid to wear what you have in different ways. You don’t always have to go looking for the next best thing because chances are it’s already in your closet. For example, the pullover is a timeless piece of clothing that will never go out of style. If you’ve never heard of pullover before, it’s essentially another word for a sweater. It’s a piece of clothing you “pull over” your head to get it on. Pullovers can be worn all year long as the variety is endless. With that said, rather than buying a new pullover every few months, consider keeping these 5 must haves in your closet to rotate out over time.

Crew Neck

The most common pullover is the crew neck. A crew neck pullover is one that has a rounded neckline and comes with no collar. Without a doubt, it’s the most popular pull over that can be worn all year long. The majority of the time these crew neck pullovers are light in fabric and breathable making them great for layering up in the winter or keeping it simple in the summer.  In the past, crew neck pullovers were intended to be layered, but these days it can easily be the star of the outfit if worn by itself.

Quarter Zip

A quarter zip pullover is essentially a jacket, but the zipper only comes about a quarter down from the neckline making it a pullover rather than a jacket. The reason we love these is because they provide comfort, coverage, and style all in one. They can be worn in so many different ways and come in a variety of styles such as with or without a collar. Keeping one of these in your closet will always leave you with a go-to and something you can always rely on when you’re in a time crunch or looking for something to complete your casual look.


Turtleneck pullovers are the perfect pullover for layering which is why you always need to have one in your wardrobe. Just about everyone layers up at some point during the year so being able to grab one of these and layer on another favorite pullover, sweater, or vest can create a great look without overdoing it especially if you’re looking for a pullover that isn’t as loose fitting.

Oversized Knit

One of our favorite pullover styles is the oversized knitted pullover. Who doesn’t have a favorite chunky sweater? You should definitely own a couple of these in all of your favorite colors. You can find oversized knit pullovers with a variety of necklines which is why they’re the perfect put-on-and-go type of shirt. You can find oversized knit pullovers with a turtle neckline, crew neckline, and even a v-neckline. Whatever your favorite is, there’s an option for you.

Pullover Dress

This isn’t your typical pullover, but definitely one to not be missed. The pullover dress is a must have in everyone’s wardrobe. It pairs perfectly with boots or flats depending on the time of year and even better, it can be dressed up for an event or dressed down for a casual day in town. Our two favorite pullover dress styles are the turtleneck and V-neck style.

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The 3 must have summer dresses for 2019

It is officially that magic time of the year you had been anticipating for.  When the days last longer, the sun kisses your skin, your toes are filled with sand and your hair is salty, but you do not really care. And that sense of not minding too much about anything should be the number one rule of your summer style. Summer dresses are here to make your life easier. Summer dresses are like the jeans of the winter. That piece that you can wear so effortlessly no matter what the occasion or time of day is and yet feel comfortable and stylish.

Best 2019 summer dresses:

The maxi dress

There is no way that you can live without maxi dresses in summer. Either it is morning or night, the maxi dress seems ideal in any occasion you can think of. Are you in an island enjoying your vacation and looking for the perfect outfit to accompany your cocktails? Then go for the maxi bohemian dress. Just put on some ancient Greek sandals, hold a straw bag and congratulations! You have just created the perfect summer look. Or are you still in the city, exploring the new summer spots? Put on your maxi dress, wear your prettiest smile and let yourself feel the summer breeze.

The white dress

It is almost as if there cannot be summer without wearing a white dress. Black may be the king of colors, but white is definitely the king of the summer. Imagine your skin getting darker and your white dress making its summer statement. Can you think of a grater combo?

The patterned dresses

Floral, stripped or dotted, those patterns are great choices for your summer dresses. There is only one rule here: there are no rules. Any color you can think of, any style or length is just right. Dare and do not overanalyze. That is the spirit of the summer after all!

At our fashion store Brandsvice there is a plethora of summer dresses you can choose of. Choose and get ready for an unforgettable summer.