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How to dress for Christmas


The most glamorous outfits to look gorgeous this Christmas

The most magical time of the year is almost here! The festive atmosphere fills the air. City lights, Christmas trees, ginger sweets, Santas and Christmas songs are everywhere, as a reminder of what is about to come. Now, is the time to shine and sparkle. Your most glamorous side is striving to come to surface. And you can’t help but feeling and looking gorgeous. In case you are still wondering which outfits will bring out the most of your Christmas spirit, just check below as I have gathered the most festive outfits for the Christmas period.

maxi red velvet dress for Christmas 2019

The maxi red velvet dress for Xmas 2019

Maxi, red and velvet. I cannot think of a most distinctive combination for the Christmas period. This dress will make heads turn around as you walk by. Ideal for the New Year’s Eve, wearing this dress will be as if you are a Hollywood star walking the red carpet. A pair of high heels and glamorous earrings will be just enough to complete this-out of a movie- look.

Sparkle with sequins dress for shiny Christmas

Women love to shine. And now is the best time to do so- literally. Your Christmas outfits list should definitely incorporate sequins. If you are a romantic type and love to feel the fairytale, go for a baby pink sequins dress. If you want to be in accordance with one of the dominant colors of the festive period, then choose a silver sequins dress and “shine bright like a diamond”.

Feel sick in silk for Christmas Party

Silk is the fabric of elegance. And Christmas is beyond a shadow of a doubt the time you should look as elegant as it gets. Heading to glamorous parties, you need to be luxurious and the silk dress is on the top of the list for Christmas party outfit ideas. Imagine drinking a glass of champagne wearing your silk champagne dress or walking down the aisle looking swanky in your silk emerald dress. You are looking forward to it, aren’t you?

Sexy suits for the most feminine androgynous looks

If you are fed up with dresses the Christmas period and are looking to make the difference, then dare to stand out by choosing a suit. However, do not just go for any type of suit. Gold is a color we love the Christmas period. Satin is an elegant fabric ideal for the glam parties you plan to attend. Therefore combine those two to get the ultimate festive look. If you feel more like a Barbie girl, then dare a fluo pink suit. It seems a rather unusual choice and this is exactly why you should opt for it. For extra sexiness, wear your jacket without a top inside and leave the crowd in awed silence as they try to articulate: “Merry Christmas”.

The lace jumpsuit for the Christmas Spirit

Apart from the suit, a very smart alternative to the classic dress so as to look stunning in the festive period is the lace jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is a garment that loves the woman body. It can be flattering regardless of your body type, as you can choose to slim your waist with a belt or make your legs look thinner in chunky pants. At the same time it elongates your figure as it is a one-piece garment. Feel free to surrender in all the smells that fill the Christmas table, with no remorse at all, as you can still look sexy in your jumpsuit. You need to have fan and feel the Christmas spirit, so do not feel guilty if you eat a little more than usual as your lace jumpsuit will make up for it. Why lace? It is a luxurious fabric linked to elegance, plus it shows off your figure in the best way possible. Wanting to look fierce and overwhelming? Go for a lace volant jumpsuit. Wanting to make a difference? Choose a total white lace jumpsuit and match the snowy Christmas landscape.

Live this holidays the fairytale in tulle skirt

It’s of no surprise that in the most magical time of the year you want to live the fairytale. You can have that! The tulle skirt is for all of you romantic dreamers out there who are thinking of a white magical Christmas. For all of you who want to travel back in the era of innocence and carefree years of childhood and become the ambitious ballerina who wants to conquer the world. The tulle skirt is an all time classic garment that never goes out of fashion and provokes a plethora of emotions, as it composes a strong and vivid image. Choose a vigorous nude tulle skirt and combine it with a crop top, to make it look more modern and contemporary. Or feel the passion of the festive period in a deep red tulle skirt along with its ultimate classic combination of a black top.

No matter what you choose to wear, live the Christmas period with all your heart. Have fan, eat, laugh, share the love with your beloved ones and spread the love to the ones who do not have it and are more in need of it. This way, you will sparkle from the inside and you will live the most meaningful and magical Christmas ever!

Ho!Ho!Ho! Merry Christmas everybody!

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Happy International Women’s Day!

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