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Wedding Dress vs Wedding Jumpsuit

Wedding Dress vs Wedding Jumpsuit: Everything You Need to Know

Wedding Dress vs Wedding Jumpsuit: Everything You Need to Know

Deciding what to wear on your big day can seem like a big decision. On your wedding day, all eyes are on you and you want to make sure you can pull off the most flawless look. We don’t blame you! Wedding fashion trends are always changing so trying to keep up with the styles can be difficult. These days, a lot of brides are opting for a wedding jumpsuit rather than a wedding dress.  The modern take on the bride’s appearance can feel like a big jump, so how do you know if it’s for you? Here, we’ve compared the wedding dress to the wedding jumpsuit, so you have everything you need to know.

Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is a traditional dress worn by the bride on her wedding day. Most wedding dresses are white but over the recent years, brides are embracing different colored wedding dresses such as pink or blue. Wearing a wedding dress can be especially meaningful to a bride who’s wearing a dress that has been passed down for generations or simply wants to live up to their fairytale wedding dreams.


There are so many reasons to choose a wedding dress for your big day. It’s traditional, elegant, and gives you that twirl when you spin. Wedding dresses come in a variety of styles, silhouettes, and colors so you never have to feel like you’ve run out of options.


The problem most brides have with wedding dresses is that they can get hot under all that fabric and that they’re not the easiest to manage when you need the restroom. Most brides utilize the help of their bridal party to help them with that. Lastly, wedding dresses can get complicated. Learning to bustle a wedding dress isn’t always the easiest.


The most popular wedding dress styles are as follows:

  • Mermaid
  • Ball gown
  • A-line
  • Fit to flare
  • Sheath

The list goes on, but these will be your most popular wedding dress styles to choose from.

Wedding Jumpsuit

Wedding jumpsuits have been gaining more popularity and are definitely the best choice for the modern-day bride. Most brides are hesitant to wear a jumpsuit on their wedding day because they’re not sure if they’ll regret not wearing the traditional wedding gown, but almost all brides who have worn a white jumpsuit for weddings have reported loving everything about the decision.


Being able to wear a jumpsuit on your wedding day allows a bride to feel elegant and practical in her outfit choice. The great thing about a jumpsuit for your wedding day is the amount of styles to choose from and the freedom you have in your movement. They’re not hot like a wedding dress and let you move freely without worrying that someone will step on the ends. Most jumpsuits also come with an option to attach a skirt to the waist of the jumpsuit so you can have the wedding dress look if you desire.


The cons to wearing a wedding jumpsuit on your wedding day is if you don’t have a jumpsuit that is wedding-like then it can take away from your bridal appearance. For instance, a bride wouldn’t want to wear a bridal jumpsuit that’s dark red or you may end up looking like one of the guests rather than the bride. Jumpsuits are beautiful and elegant when pulled off correctly, it’s just a matter of doing so.


Bridal jumpsuits may not come in a variety of colors, but the styles are endless, and the fabric choices can range from satin, silk, lace, and more. Some styles to consider are as follows:

  • Wide leg
  • Off the shoulder
  • Strapless
  • Plunging neckline
  • Lace long sleeve

Giving jumpsuits a chance is the first step and falling in love with one is just a matter of time.

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Street style appearances for 2019!

Street style appearances for 2019

Do you want to know what fashion lovers will wear this year? You are in the right page because we have prepared for you an article about the biggest fashion brands for 2019. You will see many designs, colours, motifs, fabrics and special combinations.

If you want to get a taste for fashion 2019, then you can be inspired by the street style collection in Paris, the fashion capital, to create unique outfits in your turn and to distinguish your style and taste!

The new season 2019 arrives and according to famous fashion houses some of the main trends remain at the top of the options.

Options such as transparency, romantic dresses with lace, plaid, and animal print – leopard will be worn much this season.

However, there are some new additions to the list of trends that will surprise us or please us. For example, it seems that the ’90s inspired many renowned designers and their features will make their presence felt in the spring and summer wardrobes of everyday fashion lover.

Another special stylistic proposition for this season is the riding bikini shorts that are even combined with a jacket.

But what are all the fashion trends that will flood the streets the following months?

Street style appearances for 2019

The following list will reveal the top trends in fashion for Spring and Summer 2019:

Keep in mind that when you follow fashion, the purpose is not always to be sexy, but to look outward to a complete look that is impressive or elegant or even serious. You always bring fashion to your liking, and that’s the motel that the great fashion houses send for 2019.

Fashion from the wild west

The style of cowboy returns dynamically to this year’s fashion trends. To put it in your wardrobe, you can choose to wear similar boots, or plaid shirts and hats.

If you have learned to turn your trousers inside out, now, it changes from now. You have to learn how to show the trousers you wear, whether they are bell shape, skinny or boyfriend.

2019 fashion loves geometric shapes

The geometric shapes were more accustomed to jewellery such as pendants and impressive earrings. In 2019, however, fashion adds geometric shapes to other accessories such as sunglasses, bags and even the clothes we choose to wear.

Aerial dresses and jumpsuits

We have seen them last spring and summer, but 2019 fashion will shout loud “aerial dresses!”

This trend became very popular not only by fashion bloggers and influencers, but also by women who finally saw that they are not just wearing the upright midi dresses (up to the ankle) but will finally have comfort through the dresses.

The white creations with front buttons are the ones that took our breath away, and we can only be very happy about it, as it is a statement of timeless remembrance that reminds of the past decades and we can wear it as we want and highlight it with jewellery which express us most.

Patterns and patterns

The combination with different patterns and fabrics is more in than ever!

You can wear satin long dresses with fabric T-shirts and be cooler than ever! The same goes for lacy clothes that you can carry with linen pieces of your wardrobe. If you love maximalism, then 2019 will be a great year for your stylistic appearances!

Army colours

If you are wondering which colours will be worn more in 2019, then the biggest dominions are army green and all its shades.

So, you are given the opportunity to bring back all military jackets and trousers from your collection, a great comeback that we look forward to incorporating into the outfit we will be doing!

Animal prints

Animal print is a single category for the year 2019! This is the biggest trend of the year, and you can choose it in top, dresses or even high heels for evening performances.


Street style has become just as major as the runway shows themselves. Womens clothing has changed and offer a big variety of choices, to make every woman feel like a woman!