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Building a professional website is one of the first and basic steps to “build” the integrated online presence for your company. However, by itself, building a website does not automatically secure and attract visitors-potential customers to it.

Proper, well-structured content and the provision of a positive user experience are key points to first gain the attention and then interest of the visitors and turn them from prospective buyers to loyal customers.

Take into account that a user views your site in just 0.05 seconds!

So what are the elements that will make your website “attractive” and will ensure high return on your investment?

Below you can read five seemingly simple, but extremely practical tips to make a useful website…

Tips for owning a useful Website

Make sure your page loading time is low

At a time when “luxury” is the time, the only sure thing is that users will not wait for your own website if it’s too late to “load”: Quite simply, they’ll move on to the next one! According to KISSmetrics, 40% of visitors will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Do you know the loading time of your own website?

Make sure your site adheres to the following “Golden Rules”

  • Do not have many items in the menu
  • The link titles in the menu must be descriptive and clear
  • Your company logo should lead to the main page of the site

Take as an example yourself as a user

How long will you be searching for a website that would not give you easy access to the information you would like?

Even worse… How much would you be irritating if the information you found was not related to what you would expect, based on the corresponding navigation buttons? Does your website easily, quickly and visibly provide users with the information they are looking for?

Created content consistent with the trends of the era

Trends in the content of websites change, almost as fashion changes every season! That’s why it is extremely important to keep track of developments so you can be sure your site is keeping up with the news, every time!

Our technology years are called by many “visual content”. So do not be afraid to use video on your home page, in your product descriptions, or elsewhere it may seem useful.

Make an overall assessment of the visual content of your website, so be sure to give your visitors what they want to see.

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