Scarves may be your favorite accessory. In case that you needed to search for only one thing for whatever remains of your life, for what reason would somebody do that isn’t that right?

It may be scarves. Fashion scarves don’t pass judgment on you, they don’t phenomenally shrivel when you’re pregnant, and they tend to stick around.
However, how to tie a scarf? You may see tips for tying a scarf.


French Knot

The French curve the previous winter and still love it! Simply overlay the scarf into equal parts put it around your shoulders. Take one remaining detail piece and force it over and under the scarf circle. Take the second end piece and go under and over a similar circle.

Knotted Necklace

Wrap the scarf behind your neck. Take one end and wrap it around your hand. Pull it through to make a loose knot. Take the other scarf end and pull it through the side knot, going under the knot loop and then over.

The Necklace

Fold a long scarf in half lengthwise. Grab the diagonal ends and knot them together. Put it over your neck, then twist it and loop again.

Double-sided twist

Put two of your favorite brand scarves back to back. Loop once around your neck and turn the fabric so that you see both sides.

Scarf Wrap

The easiest way to wear a scarf! Just wrap it around your shoulders.

Cozy neck wrap

Take a long scarf and loop it twice around your neck. Tie the ends in a half knot and tuck them up under the scarf loops.

Neck Wrap

Loop a long scarf once around your neck. Make a half knot with the long ends, up near your neck. Pull the fabric of the neck loop down over the half knot.

Knotted Shawl

A slightly more advanced version of the wrap. Put the scarf around your shoulders like a shawl and make a half knot in the back with the ends. Pull the ends tight and up high on your back. Pull the scarf fabric down to cover the ends.

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