Here is our advice on the best way to wear clasps, what places and on what events. Pins and brooches are a phenomenal method to decorate yourself and to include that last touch that will finish your look.

Occasions: When to wear a brooch

It is vital to settle on the correct decision, however, and with several plans on offer, it might appear to be an overwhelming undertaking.

Family reunion

If you are attending a family reunion choose a welcoming fashion brooch, one that expresses love and joy such as Dolce & Gabbana brooch.

Office wear

If you work in the office you need a brooch that reflects style and sophistication. It could be small to medium size brooches, not too in your face. Silver or gold with faux pearls or diamante will go nicely on your darker jacket or choose the ones based on black metal to go on your light shirt or blouse.

To look elegant and lady-like for the day, a classic look is a skirt suit accessorised with pearls. A faux pearl brooch with matching necklace or stud earrings are classic enough for a conservative office.

Business women

If you have a business meeting or an important appointment with your client, the best suited will small and elegant brooches attached to a lapel or the upper pocket of your jacket. Small and expensive looking brooches.

  • Pin a brooch at the bottom of a V-neck. This will draw the attention to your bust line.
  • Add a special touch to your wedding or birthday cake. Attach a corsage or wreath brooch to the ribbon surrounding the cake to create extra peppiness.
  • Affix it to your key chain.
  • Secure it to your purse.
  • Pin them on a cloth bracelet.

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