Platform shoes are commonly our exceptionally top choices with regards to picking agreeable and jazzy shoes. We want to stroll about adding tallness to our stature while as yet keeping up a small portion of solace that just a stage can give.

As grown-ups however, with a slick closet and an entire world to vanquish all the live long day, what are the most ideal approaches to wear your platform shoes?

In Ancient Greece, they were used to raise the height of important individual characters within the theatre performances, as well as high-born courtesans in 16th century Venice.


  • When it comes to the summer days, you might want to stick with lovely white outfits, possibly with some floral prints, have the shoes contrast and add a pretty bag that matches your outfit to really make things pop. Think white skin-tight top, rose printed peplum skirt and ankle strapped open toe platform sandals to hit the spot.
  • When choosing your platform shoes, ensure the stages are not very restricted at the bottoms so you can wear them without harming your feet excessively. On the off chance that you need something simpler on the feet, go for the lighter feel of the stopper made bottoms, with littler stages and breathable textures.
  •  You can always make it all look sporty as well, combining a pretty outfit with a platform sneaker, as created by Isabel Marant. It created the perfect craze last year especially and now everyone has a pair lining up her closet. It makes for a relaxed look, no matter how chic your skirt and blouse happen to be.
  • In the event that you plan on transforming your office footwear into more agreeable stages, you can explore different avenues regarding a couple that is much more on the refined side, blending it with pants, coats and straightforward tees. You can wear suits with the stage slip on shoes, while likewise transforming the two-piece into a stunning dress that looks impeccably fitting without including a coat or wear different sorts out.
  • Platform ankle boots are a great choice for the winter months when you cannot wear sandals and pulling of the look with socks is near impossibly with your body shape. Instead, opt for the pretty versions of the ankle boots as it elongates the legs while still keeping the feet warm and safe from the elements around her.

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